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Jessica Weyrauch

Advocate. Graphic designer. Thrift shopper. Stylist. Singer. I do it all, so make sure you're following along! @jessicayrock on Instagram/Twitter.

The Lost Boys and Their Daughters

(CNF, Written for class at Ball State University, 2014) When I was a baby, I refused to let my father hold me. He worked so much that I didn’t recognize him when he came home. My mom used to tell me this whenever I’d curl up next to him and ask for a story. My dad was older than most. My brother and I were kids 4 and 5 for him, and my mom was wife number 3. I don’t remember much about the days when my dad lived with… Read more The Lost Boys and Their Daughters

Sowing in Texas

(Fiction, Written for class at Ball State University, 2012) I usually spend my afternoons alone. I enjoy the quiet time without all the screaming and yelling that comes with having 3 kids. I do my best to be a good mother, nothing at all like how I was raised, but I feel no guilt in admitting: I like being alone. My husband is perfect though. The more he loves me, the more I loathe him. At night when I’m brushing my teeth, he’ll stand behind me and gently tuck my… Read more Sowing in Texas