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(CNF, Written by Jessica Weyrauch) (***names have been changed outside of my own) It was the night of my friend Chris’s 21st birthday. It was unfortunately also Halloween, my least favorite holiday besides St. Patrick’s. I was a big fan of organized drinking, don’t get me wrong, but as a general rule, I try to avoid anything that is supposed to be fun. I had low expectations for the evening because earlier that night at dinner with the birthday boy, I learned that my ex-boyfriend would be attending our night… Read more Relapse

A Brief Review of ‘Water by the Spoonful’

‘Water by the Spoonful’, IndyFringe, Wisdom Tooth Theatre Project, October 2015 Let’s Raise an Empty Glass             Anyone who says, “our past defines us,” would find himself/herself in an argument with the writer of the heart-wrenching narrative of Water by the Spoonful. Indy Fringe and director Ronn Johnston bring us a play about hope, family, and community that will bring tears as easily as it brings biting wit and hilarity.             The compact, black box set was refreshingly simple, only decorated with a family tree styled backdrop and black boxes.… Read more A Brief Review of ‘Water by the Spoonful’


(Written by Jessica Weyrauch, inspired by the work of Megan Stielstra, 2015) You spent most every night alone. You are objectively bad with social situations, so you avoid them at all costs. You prefer fictional characters to real people. You wear glasses. Your hair is always frizzy and uncombed. You don’t really like make-up. You own more books than you even know what to do with. Your mom might actually be your best friend. You do talk to her three times a day. As a child, you listened to folk… Read more Uncool

Interview with Badass Author Megan Stielstra

(Written/Interviewed for class at Ball State University) Transcript of Conversation JW: Good afternoon,             My name’s Jessica Weyrauch and I’m a student at Ball State University in central Indiana. We briefly communicated on Twitter (my handle is @jessicayrock) a while back. I’m a creative writing student taking an ‘apprentice’ course. We had to choose an author to study for the semester, and I was lucky enough to study you! I’ve had an absolute blast surrounding myself with your work.              For this class, my professor wants us to interview our… Read more Interview with Badass Author Megan Stielstra

The Less-Than-Magnificent Ambersons

(Fiction, Written for class at Ball State University, 2013) You never think that falling in love is going to happen to you. You tell yourself that it’s not in the cards. At this age it’s just supposed to be about sex, right? I’m 17 years old. What more could anyone want from me? I work at Texas Roadhouse, I live with my drunk of a father, and I smoke weed 7 days a week. It’s not like women are lining up to date me, least of all someone like Sarah.… Read more The Less-Than-Magnificent Ambersons